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TFat Hospitality

          TFat Hospitality Guest-n-Host is a complete Hospitality Management Software
          In today's world every business segment wants to be at the top of the other. And to achieve their targets, they make the most use of the contemporary technology and advancement in the respective fields. Hotel industry is no exclusion of that, in fact this industry has been the pioneer exploiter of the technology. They are using the best of software since very long to provide best of the services to their guests and customers. After all being a better host is the key mantra of a hospitality industry.
           TFat Hospitality has been designed to be future proof, packed with a variety of unique features, which have no comparison in conventional software environment. Considering the demand of the industry with complexity of service categorisation, multi-departmental architecture and multiple taxation formalities, all these features have been systematically incorporated within our standard package without compromising with our users’ whim of designer reports, registers & statements.
           TFat Hospitality, is designed to be multi-modular, having them all seamlessly integrated with each other. Each module supports the functionality of the other module to achieve a completed transaction.
          TFat Hospitalityis a true 32-bit application for Windows 95/98/NT/XP platforms. It provides better keyboard and friendly mouse operations, which in turn improves data entry speed and the operator’s efficiency. It is the most user-friendly, faster and advanced software. It will be boon for the users, like it has been for many businessmen, accountants and professionals, who always wanted, a fast and effective way to maintain their business activity records.

Key Module

1. Purchase Management

2. Guest Keeping & Room Management

3. Financial Management

4. Restaurant & Bar Management

5. Inventory & Gift Shop Management

6. Menu Costing

7. Amenities & Assets Management

8. Payroll & Human Resource Management